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how to write rfp  request for proposal

30 October 2020, by Pen Hunt

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RFP (Request for Proposal) or briefs should provide clear details of your web design requirements and goals in order to get a proposal from our web design auckland company.  This will help us to quickly respond to your request with an accurate quote and a comprehensive website proposal targeted to your needs.

why write a RFP?

Drafting a 'request for proposal' document that you can send out to all the web design companies that you have selected makes sense.  It will help clarify your goals and requirements and will not only save you time in the long run, but will provide the website designers with a comprehensive brief to follow.  This will speed up the proposal process and help them provide an accurate quote.  You will then be able to refer to your RFP when assessing the web design company to see if they are a good fit for your business, and to see if they have answered your questions and followed the requirements set out in your brief.

RFP request for proposal website design nz

what to include in a RFP

What details do web design companies need to know in order to bid accurately for your project?  There is no need to be a skilled copywriter or go into lengthy descriptions.  Your RFP proposal request should outline your goals and requirements clearly and concisely.  You should include a background of your company and current situation, your web design likes and dislikes including examples of websites.  And importantly you should be prepared to talk about your budget for the project. We have listed the main points you should cover in your brief.

Your design project overview

The first step is to state what you want the web design company to provide and why you want it. If the project is for a website redesign, list what is wrong or not working in your current website instead of describing a solution to the problem. The solution is for the web design company to articulate in their proposal.

Your company background

Describe your company, what it does, its values and what makes it unique.  And include a link to your web page and social media pages if you already have an online presence. This will help us make specific recommendations for your company.

Goals & target audience

Explain what you hope to achieve with your project.  What are your goals?  Perhaps it's conversions - increased sales, subscribers or quality leads, or maybe you simply require a responsive web design and better online ranking.  You will also need to think about your target audience.  This will help the website designers tailor the site redesign to a specific audience.  If there is more than one audience you want to reach, list them in order of importance.

Information architecture

One of the main requirements listed in the web design briefs we have received is for an easy to follow website.  If you have a clear idea of what the main web page sections are and how you want people to navigate through your web site, providing a sitemap will help you decide what current website content you wish to retain and what new content you need to write.  It will also give the website designer an idea of the size and scope of the website if it differs from your current site content.

The scope of your website design project

This is where you need to provide the project details in greater depth.  It's a good idea to list all the services you will need from the web design company. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what's involved in creating a website.  If your project is for a new site as well as branding you may also require the following for your RFP:

  •   website design
  •   branding & logo design
  •   optimisation
  •   email & web hosting
  •   domain name registration
  •   content management
  •   interactive photo gallery
  •   digital marketing strategy
  •   pay-per-click advertising
  •   copywriting
  •   e-commerce
  •   photography
  •   business cards
  •   flyers & brochures
  •   printing

Your website design nz deadline

It is important to include the timeline for your project even if it is not super urgent.  Potential web design companies will need to know at the start whether they have the resources available to deliver your project on time.  The time it takes to design and build a website varies considerably, so be upfront about your project deadline, so the web designers can decide whether the timeline is a realistic one and help you decide which aspects are a priority for the launch date.

Your budget constraints

Be upfront about your budget constraints even if you are not sure of how much a website costs.  It is important to convey how much you have set aside for your project so there are no nasty surprises for both parties.  Check out our website design guide to give you an idea of web design costs in New Zealand.

" AMG has created two great websites for us, plus a logo design and business cards.
They host our websites and take the headache out of managing website updates. "

- Only Events, Auckland

How much should a website design cost ?

NZ web design costs will vary a lot depending on your requirements.  It will also depend on whether the web design company offers custom web design or template websites.  Also find out whether they outsource their web design to overseas designers and developers.  See our website design nz cost guide for New Zealand websites.

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