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5 best SEO strategies that you should know

30 October 2021, by Laura Anderson

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If you want to make the best of your website in terms of SEO, the chances are that you might be doing it wrong.  In fact, despite all our efforts to learn and implement the concepts related to SEO, we still end up making silly mistakes.

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The reason for this is that there's a bit more to search engine optimization than just adding a few keywords here and there or using a couple of link-building strategies. It requires study and research regularly to discover what works well for your site and how it can attract the maximum number of visitors every day.  Moreover, acquiring SEO consultancy services can also benefit your site to rank among the best in the search engines.

If you, too, have been trying hard but keep failing when it comes time to measuring your results, here are some handy tips for you.

1. Find the right keywords

Your SEO campaign will require the right kind of keywords to succeed. The trick is to find out which keywords are being used most frequently by potential customers in search engines when they are looking for information about a product or service. Once you have figured this out, using these keywords on your site becomes quite simple since it's all about increasing the number of visitors that reach your page.

There are numerous tools available online that can help you with this task, but SEMRush, Keyword Finder by Mangools and Google Ads Keyword Planner are among the best ones there are at present.  Although Mangools and SEMRush basic versions come free of cost, upgrading them allows you access to more features that are better suited to your needs.

2. Stand apart from the crowd

One of the best SEO tips would be to create unique content for your website that is not available anywhere else on the Internet.  The more original and relevant information you provide, the greater your value compared to other sites.  If your site is offering something different, it will eventually become one of the most popular websites frequented by visitors looking for an answer to their questions, which means you can expect a constant flow of traffic every single day.

Talking about increased traffic, if you want to measure and track this important metric effectively, Google Analytics has got all the latest tools and features required for this purpose.  And because it comes free of cost, there's no reason not to use it.

3. SEO localized website design content

Search engine optimization is all about making your site as visible as possible.  The best way to do this is by creating localized website design content that caters to searchers' needs within a specific geographical location.  You can make things easier by choosing a theme from WordPress or Blogger since they come pre-loaded with localization features.  Still, you will need to manually change them if you wish your site's themes and template files to reflect local business hours, government holidays of your country, currency information, and other relevant details.

To boost traffic from mobile devices, which come from regional searches, Google Analytics has some great tools that will help you track popular locations that generate traffic from mobile devices.

4. Social media marketing

Sharing content on social media platforms has become a crucial part of SEO as more and more people rely on them to find good information about a product or service.  Every day, thousands of users from different parts of the world visit pages created by companies simply because their friends shared them with them on Facebook or Twitter.  If your site gets mentioned in an article online, sharing it will help you attract more visitors than just making it available through your channels.

Social media tools such as Buffer allow you to schedule posts ahead of time to go live at appropriate times when lots of page views are taking place.

5. Responsive website design is a must

While desktop traffic keeps falling, mobile device searches are on the increase.  It means that you need to make your site fully responsive across all devices if you wish it to be visible in search results.  You can either get an experienced website designer or build your sites yourself using platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, where responsive design themes come pre-loaded along with localization options.  But whatever method you choose, try to keep everything simple so that visitors don't have to struggle when they visit your page for the first time.

wrapping up!

The SEO tips mentioned above can help you gain more visibility online and attract more visitors every day, increasing sales and boosting your website right away.  There is no doubt that SEO services have always been helpful for all web marketers.  However, since none of these tips can work on their own, you will need a solid marketing plan that includes all of them to get the best possible results.

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