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website design cost in New Zealand  

30 September 2020, by Pen Hunt

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Web design costs in New Zealand vary considerably depending on the functionality required for your site, your budget and the results you want to achieve for your business, e.g. enquiries, leads, sales, phone calls, visits, etc.

So instead of viewing your website as a cost, it really should be viewed as an investment. It is therefor vital to make the right investment choice for a new site, whether for a custom web design by a web design company or a cheaper template website.  A very simple webpage for a small business in New Zealand will cost from $1,700 upwards and approx. $12,000 for an e-commerce site, depending on the number of pages and the functionality required. You should allow an additional cost of $1,000+ for a  professional photographer.

website design cost New Zealand web design company

the right web design choice for a business

Why use a web design company?

Hiring a professional, experienced web design company for your business will not only provide a site that looks great and functions well, but one that will give you a great return on investment. They will provide custom web design and web development that adapts to all devices, and conduct competition and keyword research to find your niche keywords.

Your site will be optimised for search engines and tested on all devices - desktops, laptops and mobiles. Google Analytics will be embedded on all web pages for analysing your traffic and your webpage  will be submitted to Google My Business, Google Maps and the top search engines.

Are there ongoing website design NZ fees?

A web page needs web hosting on a secure encrypted server with a secure certificate and a search-engine-friendly domain name.  These are an extra cost and incur a small monthly or yearly renewal fee.  The advantage of hiring a web design company is that they can provide ongoing support and management in the event of email or hosting issues and can register the best domain name for you.  They can also provide web content management, ongoing optimisation and digital marketing, as well as graphic design and print management.  The annual renewal fee for web hosting is from $160.  Domain Names start at $25 per year.

Should you use SSL hosting?

SSL hosting is now a Google requirement if you want your site to be ranked for online search.  It is also essential if you have a contact form or e-commerce website. The SSL hosting and certificate encrypts information entered from your visitor's browser to your web server.  SSL Certificates and SSL set-up often incur additional fees depending on the web design company you hire. Web Design Auckland don't charge an ongoing cost for the SSL Certificate.

Should you use a CMS website?

Using a CMS content management system can be cost saving in the long term if you are web savvy, have blogging experience and have the time to update your site yourself.  It costs more to set up a database, so your initial website design cost will be higher.  There are however ongoing costs involved, as all content management systems (CMS) require constant security updates and almost all require 3rd party plugins, which also need to be updated to match the latest version of your CMS.  Back-ups are another requirement for CMS sites.  You should expect to pay for an ongoing management fee to sort out issues and provide support and backups.

Why use a web design company for updates?

Using a web design company for your site updates should be considered if time is a factor in the efficient running of your business.  An experienced web design company can provide timely, affordable web updates using the latest optimisation techniques and can submit your site to the top search engines with sitemap feeds. They also provide digital marketing and can help set up your social media business pages and offer ongoing marketing support.  Web Design Auckland can manage and update your web site for a monthly fee from $100 or an hourly fee of $50.

Why use digital marketing?

It is important to realise that having a new website design is only the beginning and will require ongoing digital marketing in order to be found in Google Search.  A professional web design company can support you with the best digital marketing advice and implementation. Web content and backlinks from top ranking sites are important for organic ranking on Google Seach and this requires listing your website in relevant hi-ranking directories. Ranking organically (without Google Ads) is very difficult and takes at least 6 months to rank new websites, so a web design company can provide sponsored advertising with pay-per-click ads and social media promotion to get you started.

" Pen & Allan have so much talent and industry knowledge.
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- Jeanette McMillan, 216 Auckland NZ

website design NZ cost

Custom Web Design Company

Custom web design will ensure your website is unique and functions well on all devices. The following are the average starting costs for web design in New Zealand.
Costs shown below do not include GST.

$1,700+ small site - 5 pages approx.
$3,000 medium site - 20 page max
$3,500 custom web design - 10-20 page
$4,500 custom web design + photography

Website Design NZ Maintenance

Web Design Auckland provides monthly management and web updates. The following are average costs for updates, monthly management and maintenance.
Costs shown below do not include GST.

$100 p.m. updates + management
$200 p.m. management + traffic reports
$50 per hour for web design updates
$50 p.m. CMS maintenance + backups

Web Hosting & Domain Names

Web hosting is an ongoing monthly or yearly renewal cost. The following are the average starting renewal costs in New Zealand. Domains start at $25 per year.
Costs shown below do not include GST.

$160 annual renewal fee small site
$300 annual renewal fee large site

eCommerce & CMS Website

You can manage your CMS site yourself, but it is advisable to use your web design company for onging CMS maintenance and backups.
Starting costs shown below do not include GST.

$4,500+ small eCommerce/CMS site
$12,000+ large eCommerce/CMS site

Digital Marketing

Having a new custom web design built is only the start of your digital marketing journey. After the website is launched you will need to promote it online to generate traffic from Google Search and Social Media.  A web design company will have the necessary marketing experience to help your website rank online.  Digital marketing costs may be tailored to fit your budget.

Website Payment Installments

Web design costs in New Zealand start after you accept the web design company's quote. Usually you can expect to pay 2-3 installments. The first web payment is 30%-50% of the total web design cost.

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