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7 SEO tips to double website traffic.

28 March 2021, by Pen Hunt

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SEO Digital Marketing Optimization for Website Traffic

With Google changing its SEO algorithm on a regular basis, digital marketers are always looking forward to find ways to keep ahead of the competition. Hiring an SEO Digital Marketing Agency has become a basic need of every company. SEO (search engine optimization) means optimizing the content of your site according to Google’s standards.

With so many changes to their algorithms, you might miss something; so we have listed seven essential SEO tips suggested by top digital marketing experts that you can use to increase your Google ranking and double your website traffic.

7 expert-backed SEO tips to double your traffic:

1. Enhance User Experience

2. SEO Website Auditing

3. Mobile Optimization

4. Add Videos

5. Use Infographics

6. Voice Search Optimization

7. Roundup Posts

enhance user experience with optimization

RankBrain is known to be the third most important factor when it comes to enhancing the user experience. RankBrain is a machine learning system that lets Google decide how pages should be ranked in Google’s search. It watches how users interact with the pages, that is, if they close the tab immediately after opening it or if they stay there for a while. If the users close the website right after opening it, it will lose Google ranking.

Optimizing your site to enhance the user experience is what you need to focus on. Make sure that your website loads quickly and functions seamlessly. Keep eliminating or redirecting any broken links. The more that users are comfortable using your website, the more time they will spend navigating your site.

seo auditing your website

As the term suggests, SEO auditing means a complete examination of your site to look for any loopholes and updates that are needed to make it more search engine friendly. By closely examining your website’s performance, an audit helps you set up goals and gives you direction to get the optimization process started. Post auditing, you will need to make the necessary changes such as removing any broken links, adding your niche keywords without keyword stuffing, enhancing the quality of your content, adding meta descriptions and titles making sure they contain the right amount of characters and keywords, and whatever else is required according to the audit.

mobile optimization

Technology innovation has increased the number of mobile users, and the number of desktop users has decreased markedly. ‘Design for mobile-first' has become a new mantra for the digital world. Suppose your website is functioning flawlessly on the phone. In that case, it will add to the enhanced user experience since we all prefer to shop online while scrolling through our social media handles and won’t need to turn our laptop or desktop on. Another important consideration is making sure your website content loads fast on mobile devices.

add videos to your site

These days, video content is getting more popular than the written content. Some users might want to skip reading your 10 minute blog post and instead prefer to watch a 1 minute video. You should add videos to your site to grab the attention of users. Keep the video optimized by changing its title and keeping it relevant. Integrate it with other web content, and maximize the video and audio quality.

use infographics

Using infographics to display a large amount of data is so far the best-known way to optimize your written content. Long and lengthy paragraphs are a turn-off for the user. Make sure to add pie charts, histograms, graphs, and whatever you find suitable to enhance your content quality and make it look more appealing and easier for your users.

voice search optimization

With the advancements in technology, people have become more inclined to look for convenient ways to browse through websites. Voice search is one such feature that lets the user look for their desired content by speaking the relevant terms. Google consistently ranks websites with voice search that load quickly; therefore make sure your website has a responsive, mobile-friendly design, uses  images that have been  optimized for faster loading, and that you are using long-tail keywords. Also check that your server’s response time is fast.

roundup posts

A roundup post is when you talk to a few people or experts about the same topic and collectively make a post about it using terms such as ‘best tips, or ‘expert opinions,’ etc. It will help you get different viewpoints and improve your SEO ranking, thus leading to increased traffic. The experts you interview have a diverse fan base, and interviewing them also introduces your site to their audience.

SEO digital marketing optimization for website traffic


Digital markets have changed and evolved rapidly, so to keep up with the digital flow, you must follow all the latest SEO trends and tips to increase your website’s ranking and get visitors through the door. These seven tips will be sure to help ease your way through the process!

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